LxL comes after Luis and Lourdes (no, it's not a T-shirt size, it's a

                  long story).We started, like most people, making our dollhouse, a very

                  big one, and employed six years to get it finished. As long as a dollhouse

                  can be finished. There's always that little detail......

                  Later, I had an accident (this is Lourdes),  stayed for almost six months in

                  wheelchair,   and I spent this time making the jewellery shop.

                  Seeing this, Luis said he wanted a dollhouse of his own, and we made

                  El Astrolabio.

                  Not to be less,  I imagined and created a dance ball scene.......until we had

                  no room  at home to do more.

                 So we started making miniatures for our own  pleasure   and also  yours.

                 We enjoy making them, but also seeing the miniaturist expression when they

                 "discover" them, and his satisfied face when they take some to their dollhouse .

                  Please, come in and see our work.