As we made the jewellery, we realized that there were few jewels for the dollhouse inhabitants to wear. I mean, very few jewels that you could choose individually  to put on your  personal doll.

    That's the reason why most of our jewels can be separated from their stands and  placed anywhere you like, and  - of course - on your chosen  dolls.

                Two pearl earrings                                              Golden grapes earrings

                                                                                                     Only 3 left.

                                                                   3 €


         Victorian Style necklace                  Pearl necklace with central


                     29 €                                                        28 €




                   Spanish style                                      Daisy graduated                

               pearl earrings and                                        necklace


                                          Special Chicago new shape 

                                           and gold filled made model                                                 

                 12 rhinestones                                         Three drop pearl

                     necklace                                                    necklace

       Special Chicago new gold                                           25 €

                     filled model.


          Waves earrings and                                Tríos necklace

                   necklace                                                   28 €

             Special Chicago     

            gold filled model             


           Trian necklace                                Alphonsine  chocker

                   25 €                                                      29 €

           only 3 in stock

  Swarovski embedded hair pins. Three shapes.

Available now in gold filled

            Clover pin on cusion                         Daisy brooch on cusion

                                                    5 €







Loose Tiara

     15 €





    Butterfly pendand with filigree necklace.

This one is completely handmade, the links are made  one by one and the butterfly has  a very complicated work of twisted wire, so the rhinestones could look "floating"







                                                                                    English choker with pendant

                                                                                                    sold out

                           Musical jewelry box with ballerina

    Made of special leather,  its necklaces are 18 kt. gold, and has also a silver ball chain. The matching bracelet, earrings, ring and brooch are specially made for this jewelry box






Jewelry box  inside. Chains are only slightly glued, so they can move freely. The rest of the jewels are attached to the box.

This piece has been sold out.

Can be made to order