We always have had some time when we've become mad looking for "the second earring".... "the matching ring"... or untangling THAT  chain we want to wear. This section cointains all that stuff we have on our vanities in an effort - vain most times - to get some order in our jewelry.

    But even if our efforts are in vain, it doesn't matter....... they're such a lovely things.....

                Ring holder hand                                     Bracelet Stand

             Rings not removable                                         19 €

                       19 €

                  Earrings holder

                     19 €

                       Blue jewelry box, with loose pearl necklace

                                          Opening case

                                                 12 €

               Non working  musical jewelry box, with ballerina.       

                                 Jewelry is attached to the box

                                                   45 €