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  Farm, teddy with ball or house by the tree

13 €

Swan 16 €

Coal kitchen accesories

11 €

Carnet de Bal, aide memoire or dance card.

Ladies employed them to note down strictly 

in order the name of the gentleman they had

been asked to dance with.

They began to be employed at the beggining

of the XIX century, up until the end of the

XX century, though lately the material usually

employed (ivory, bone,  mother of pearl,

tortoiseshell, or jet) were substituted by

common cardboard.

 15 €

There's a very interesting article about this items published by the Spanish Museum of Romanticism, if you are so brave as to try to translate it.

This is the link

  Letter opener, "ivory" handle. It matches the magnifier in the section "optical".

                                            Letter opener 7 €

                                      Walking  sticks and canes

                                            OUT OF STOCK

             "Meerschaum" pipe                            "Dressed" Sherry

                         6 €                                                    bottle

                                                                                     6 €

                                            Greek style vases

                                       Handmade and painted

                                      Square or round painting

                                                     11 €

                         Wedge style vases. Handmade and painted

                Medium vase                                            Small vase

           2'1 high x 1'3 diam.                                1'8 high x 0'7 diam

                        cm.                                                          cm.

                       18 €                                                         8 €

                                                                                LAST ONES

Musical box with ballerina

Non working. 22 €

                                                                Carousel horses.

                                                                  Non working

                                                                        35 €