I think this miniature deserves an explanation for the non spanish visitors.

This is my dressed bottle

Many of you would have come to La Puerta del Sol, Madrid,  the very centre of  Spain, and found a strage guy in the roof of one of the buildings with the advertising "Tio Pepe"



"Tio Pepe", was, and still is, a sherry wine brand from the well known  González Byass wineries.  They were established in 1835 by D. Manuel María González Angel, who years later associated with the english gentleman Mr. Robert Blake Byass, thus giving the name to the wineries. Tio Pepe sherry was named after an uncle of Manuel M. González, D. José Angel de la Peña, who not only gave his nephew advice on aging an producing wine, but also conviced him to dedicate to sherry and "pale" wines, with great success.

"Tio Pepe" could be translated like "Uncle Joshep" or "Uncle Joe", being "Pepe" the contraption of Joseph.

The founders of the wineries, and Tio Pepe


The bottle dressed as an andalusian (hat, short jacket and guitar) was designed, in 1935, between others, to celebrate the 100th aniversary of the wineries. It became so popular that even pins were made from it, and bottles sold "dressed".

I remember having played with the bottle when I was a child (the hat had the cork attached, and the jacket and guitar were removable), dressing and undressing the bottle........until mum realized her child was very  quiet,  and wondered what was she playing with.  No need to tell the rest.

So having this miniature bottle in our dollhouses is for us a tiny bit of childhood.

This is the actual bottle, though the small size.