In the Victorian Age, these  were not only useful  objects,  but also  a sign of distinction. Well dressed ladies wore long chains from which were suspended lorgnettes or other useful items, and it is common to see them wearing it in pictures.  Gentlemen, monocles, glasses and pince-nez,  the last ones used  by ladies, too.

            Magnifying glass "ivory"handle

           7 €

                    Lorgnettes                                Gentlemans pince-nez

                          8 €                                                       3 €

Lorgnettes with chatelaine,for ladies.         Chained hanging glasses

  They were fashionable circa 1850,                        10 €

   and were the equal to gentlemen


                        4 €


        Opened glasses with case                    Closed glasses with case

                                                    10 €