These miniatures  are thought to give the "special" touch to any table or shelf.

     There's a wide choice of shapes, sizes and colours  to fill a full shelf,  place just a tiny one on the vanity, or put two or three in the empty spot "that needs something"







Gentlemen (of course) shaving set:Real fur shaving brush, soap bowl, leather razor strop and opening razor.

25 €






     18 kt gold filled compact, with an embedded gold embellisment. Same size than the rhinestone embedded one.

It's a 30 pieces limited edition

New shape coming soon








Compact powder case

            NEW ONE

       24 kt gold filled






                             Atomizer perfume bottle

                           This one are inspired in the

                            famous DeVilbliss ones

                                     circa 1907

                                         16 €







Pendant scent bottle, wedgwood or English porcelain Style.

Created at the beggining of the century XX, they were all

the rage in the Art Nouveau age.

                                   9 €




   I've "peeped" in Antique shops in Internet, and got this and other good ideas. This is my version of the perfume travel cases. Though the box gave me more than one (and two) headaches, I've enjoyed making and decorating the bottles, wich I've made from the start.

                                               Soon I'll be able to have this item to order

 Limoges style Vanity set, two  perfume bottles and a tray.

Another result from the Antique shops inspection.  Made of resin,  the floral motive is handpainted, and later I've applied several coats of different lacquer and varnishes, to give the porcelain look.

10 €


These half dolls were fashionable circa 1900, reaching its height during La Belle Epoque.

They were mounted on, and used  as pincushions, brushes, and mainly as rice powder boxes and perfume bottles, and  around the 70's Avon launched its own collection. For sure you've had one in your hand sometime.

  These ones are my free version of the powder rice box and perfume (or oinment) bottle.

  They measure about 12 mm. height (1/2", aprox.) depending on the model and the hairstyle.

22 €